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The Apps You've Waited For

The We Bananas Software team knows family life is hectic. 

That's why we're dedicated ourselves to building robust mobile apps to save you time, energy and money! 

Where do we get our inspiration?

From our own busy lives. We have families too. We struggle to keep everyone organized, happy and healthy. In fact, some times we need to give ourselves some self-care. And one of the best ways we know to make ourselves feel better is by taking some time every day to stretch.

No one had time to drive to a yoga studio everyday. So we decided why not build an app to create a healthy stretching habit? 

So we did. It's called WeStretch. We're in production phase right now. 

WeStretch Is For Everyone

You're going to love WeStretch​.

We built WeStretch for everyday people, not for yogis. If you haven't stretched for months (or even years) that's okay! WeStretch's routines are customized to you. Even if you're not that flexible right now, it's perfectly fine. The WeStretch app meets you where you are. It will never serve up a routine that's too difficult for you. 

We've incorporated machine learning into our app. This means WeStretch measures your progress and serves up a brand new routine based on your past progress every time you open the app. You'll always be challenged by your stretching session, but never feel overwhelmed. It's easy to get started. Just set how long you want to stretch - and we'll do the rest. You'll get a session that methodically stretches every joint. 

You'll feel energized, yet have less stress after your session.

Sign up for launch updates at WeStretch.ca.

More Apps Rolling Out Soon!

WeStretch is only the first in our series of apps rolling out. Look for more great apps from We Bananas Software in 2019! 

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